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Protect your two wheels.

With urban policies, extended transport times, and the desire to play sport in the open air, demand for bicycles has skyrocketed over the past five years. Electric bikes, easier to use for all types of customers, but also carbon fibre road bikes, are expensive targets for thieves, who are able to resell them quickly on the “black market”. Motorcycle store burglars mainly target the area of equipment such as helmets, tools, accessories, or leather clothing because it is light and therefore easy to take away in quantity.

We Recommend Density®

Our experience of nearly 20 years in the Security, and our understanding of our customers, allow us to offer you the product that will perfectly meet your safety problems. Bike and Motorcycle stores have several “sensitive areas” that must be protected as a priority :

  • The Showroom
  • The Workshop
  • The cash area
  • The Stock

With a showroom of 100 to 300m2 and a ceiling height of up to 5m, the Density® recommandation is the Density® 2400.

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Density® 2400

The DENSITY® 2400 fogging system is the most suitable solution for protecting your store or sales area. In 10 seconds, this generator will produce more than 3503 of a dense fog in which you will no longer be able to see your hands or feet, making it impossible to steal bikes, equipment, motorcycle accessories, tools, your spare parts, and forces thieves to immediately flee.

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Want to protect your workshop ?
Density<sup class="tm">®</sup> 390
Density® 390
Want to protect your stock ?
Density<sup class="tm">®</sup> 900
Density® 900

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