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Protect your branded products.

With the rise of sportswear and physical activity-related well-being, sports and sports equipment stores are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, but unfortunately also by thieves. Branded clothing, including trainers or accessories have become a fashion phenomenon and their market value has increased considerably attracting the unwanted attention of thieves who would lift these expensive, small items in large quantities, and then sell onwards to the “black market”.

We Recommend Density®

Our experience of nearly 20 years in the Security, and our understanding of our customers, allow us to offer you the product that will perfectly meet your safety problems. Sports stores have several “sensitive” areas :

  • Branded goods or shelves
  • Showcases
  • The Stock
  • The sales space/showroom

With a sales space of 20 to 1000m2 and a ceiling height of 4m or more, the Density® recommendation is the Density® 2400.

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Density® 2400

The DENSITY® 2400 fogging system is the most suitable solution for protecting your sales space. In 10 seconds, this generator will produce more than 350m3 of a dense fog in which you will no longer be able to see your hands or feet, making it impossible to steal your clothes, trainers or accessories from major brands and forces thieves to flee immediately.

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Want to protect your cash area ?
Density<sup class="tm">®</sup> 900
Density® 900
Want to protect your stock ?
Density<sup class="tm">®</sup> 1500
Density® 1500

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