// Ready for Tomorrow

Intercommunication with every players in the life of the Density® Generator

Our current need for mobility makes communication of all of our electronic and IT tools essential.

Density® generators are ready for this new era. By design, they self-diagnose on important points of their functioning. The electronic card has been designed to keep all past events that have occurred over the past few days, in order to be able to ensure the proper functioning of the device.

The IP card allows communication through your wired or wireless IP network to access the cloud, which we provide to you, to assess the needs of your device remotely. Thanks to the cloud, you can update the device remotely, trigger it remotely if necessary, but also modify the settings if you wish without having to be on site.

The Density team, was not content to optimize your communication with the Remote fogging systems to just improve your maintenance, we also thought of developing a cloud API to enable our cloud commands / features hosted on yours for security issues and safety procedures.

We can go even further by providing you with the system API, which will allow you to connect and integrate your Density fogging system into all your remote control systems, integrating home automation or Building Management or video surveillance functions. 

Finally, know that with Density, communication can be adapted and personalised for your large projects since we have specialist engineers in-house. These internal skills allow us to be responsive to your needs in order to provide you with the necessary solution for large projects, specific to your professional organization.